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Date City Venue Tickets
April 3, 9:00 pm Las Vegas, Nevada Venue details coming.N/A
May 17, 8:00 pm Los Angeles, Ca The Jon Lovitz Comedy ClubN/A
March 4, 8:00 pm Seattle Washington The Comedy UndergroundN/A
March 6, 8:00 pm Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Littletree, 888 N HolmesN/A
March 7, 8:00 pm Billings, Montana The Billings Convention Center.N/A
March 17, 10:00 pm Los Angeles, Ca The Comedy StoreN/A


Jenn, a stand up comic, actress and screen writer; known for her high energy, quick wit and crude edgy humor. Originally from Canada, Jenn tours comedy clubs all over the country keeping audiences in hysterics with her "Keep it Real" perspective on dating, bad credit, and her crazy friends and family. Jenn is also an award winning film maker; writing, producing and starring in the hit comedy feature "The Guerilla Picture Show" (now available on Amazon). Jenn was nominated for four awards at the Maverick Movie Awards Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Scene, winning two. The film was also nominated at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. Jenn was a semi finalist in the "Funniest Comic in L.A." contest, and has guest starred on Guy Talk Radio. Jenn is quickly becoming one of the most sought after comics working today. Look for her in her upcoming, dark, crude humored web series, “The World According to Jenn”.



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